“There is no good writing without good reporting.”

— Malcolm Gibson

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    This is Prof. Malcolm Gibson's online guide to Reporting and Editing for Print and Online (JOUR 699) for Summer 2012 at the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas. The purpose of this course is to sharpen and enhance the skills learned in JOUR 415 (Multimedia Reporting) and JOUR 419 (Multimedia Editing). Those goals are accomplished through class lectures and assignments, one-on-one conferences and critiques, and regular reporting shifts that provide essential content for The University Daily Kansan, kansan.com and KUJH-TV (aka Kansan TV). Good reporting is THE essential ingredient no matter the platform or medium. It also is the essential ingredient to produce a story, whether printed, posted or aired, that resonates with an audience.
    Please check the class schedule regularly.
    Thank you.

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